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Becoming a committer

The Apache way of developing open source software relies on an active community of users, contributors and developers. All of us can contribute in some way or another. Being a committer means that you participate actively in the software development … Continue reading

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Turbulent Java times

Times have been turbulent in the Java camp since Oracle took over Sun, trying to make Java a less open specification. Well, now the Apache Software Foundation has made real their promise to leave the JCP EC if Oracle continued … Continue reading

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Can Oracle stop Java from opening up?

There is an exciting war going on about the future openness of the Java platform. Oracle is trying to capitalize on its ownership/stewardship of Java, by starting to charge for their enterprise version of the JVM, as well as stopping … Continue reading

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Cominvent pioneers Solr Training in Scandinavia

Cominvent is the first company in Scandinavia to offer professional classroom training for the Open Source search engine Apache Solr. Last week we conducted a training in Denmark, and we plan for a regular schedule in Oslo and on-demand elsewhere … Continue reading

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Apache Solr has become grown-up

The open source search server Solr from Apache Foundation has become a mature technology ready for prime-time. The recent editions has added features which previously were only found in commercial offerings, such as Automatic replication for large installations with distributed … Continue reading

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