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Can Oracle stop Java from opening up?

There is an exciting war going on about the future openness of the Java platform. Oracle is trying to capitalize on its ownership/stewardship of Java, by starting to charge for their enterprise version of the JVM, as well as stopping … Continue reading

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Time to upgrade your search?

You have a search solution already. Are you satisfied? Have your needs changed? How long since you evaluated alternatives? Perhaps it’s time for a faster, bigger, more feature rich, more extensible or more affordable search engine? A migration requires good … Continue reading

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Cominvent pioneers Solr Training in Scandinavia

Cominvent is the first company in Scandinavia to offer professional classroom training for the Open Source search engine Apache Solr. Last week we conducted a training in Denmark, and we plan for a regular schedule in Oslo and on-demand elsewhere … Continue reading

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Test driving Chrome OS

After all the buzz about Chrome OS being open-sourced as “Chromium OS”, I had to give it a ride. I could have compiled the source from scratch, but a quick search gave this page from Gdgt providing a VMWare image … Continue reading

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Apache Solr 1.4 finally released

Finally, after long delays, Apache Solr version 1.4 is released. The long delay was mainly due to very strict quality standards, which made it necessary to wait until some serious known bugs were dealt with. Also read my previous article … Continue reading

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