Solr logging just got better

Using a product like Solr over time makes you blind to certain things. Logging is one such area. For me it started with realizing that the default logging was way too verbose, and soon I found a two year old bug ticket with the title “Reduce logging during startup and shutdown” that I brought to life again.

Turned out that we could reduce the log from a bin/solr start -f from 31 to 9 lines, while bin/solr create -c foo was shrunk from 129 lines to 48 lines and bin/solr start -c -f was shrunk from 67 to 20 lines! Alan Woodward and Alexandre Rafalovitch joined the effort and soon SOLR-5563 was also committed.


Startup logging for bin/solr start -f in Solr 6.3

Solr 6 released

A few weeks ago, Solr 6.0 was released, and right after we also released Solr 5.5.1. That means that most probably 5.5.x is the last in the 5.x series, so start preparing for an upgrade.

Why would you upgrade? Well, Changes gives you 40 bug-reasons and 33 feature-reasons 🙂 Let me highlight the coolest ones:

Solr 5.4 released

Go ahead and download Solr 5.4. The major feature is a new Admin UI which lets you manage Collections, not only cores. The new UI also allows you to manipulate the schema through Schema Browser tab. Also, the Analyzing suggesters can now filter suggestions by a context field, this was one of the issues Cominvent contributed to.

Security focused Solr 5.3 on its way

Solr/Lucene version 5.3 is on its way out the door any of these days. In addition to the usual list of bug fixes and optimizations, it adds some new features, mainly related to security. Some are: SOLR-7757: Improved security framework where security components can be edited/reloaded SOLR-7838: An authorizationPlugin interface where the access control rules are stored/managed

Solr 5 released

Solr/Lucene 5 is a major release with lots of features and bug fixes. It is backward compatible with Solr4.x, but if you wish to upgrade from 3.x or older, you need to first upgrade to 4.x if you want to avoid reindexing all content. The main news for Solr in 5.x is start scripts and