Becoming a committer

The Apache way of developing open source software relies on an active community of users, contributors and developers. All of us can contribute in some way or another. Being a committer means that you participate actively in the software development work and have write access to the source code repository. Each project is lead by a the PMC (Project Management Committee) which consists of some of the committers taking an extra responsibility of staking out the future of the project.

Solr architecture diagram

We at Cominvent have often had the need to visualize the internal architecture of Apache Solr in order to explain both the relationships of the components as well as the flow of data and queries. The result is this conceptual architecture diagram, clearly showing how Solr relates to the app-server, how cores relate to a

Solr does GEO search

gisApache Solr is a very capable enterprise search platform, doing most things you would expect from such a solution. But what about GEO sensitive applications like Yellow-pages, maps search, sort by distance to X etc? The big commercial systems such as FAST, Autonomy and Endecca, have it but Apache Lucene/Solr does not seem to support GEO search, or what?