Security focused Solr 5.3 on its way

Solr/Lucene version 5.3 is on its way out the door any of these days. In addition to the usual list of bug fixes and optimizations, it adds some new features, mainly related to security. Some are:

  • SOLR-7757: Improved security framework where security components can be edited/reloaded
  • SOLR-7838: An authorizationPlugin interface where the access control rules are stored/managed in ZooKeeper
  • SOLR-7837: An AuthenticationPlugin which implements the HTTP BasicAuth protocol and stores credentials securely in ZooKeeper
  • SOLR-7849: Solr-managed inter-node authentication
  • SOLR-7724: SolrJ now supports parsing the output of the clustering component
  • SOLR-7651: New response format added wt=smile (platform independent binary format)

The built-in support for Authentication includes Kerberos and Basic Auth. By configuring Rule-based Authorization, you can also control which users have control over which actions in Solr. If you also enable SSL and protect ZooKeeper content, Solr has gained a nice set of security capabilities in very short time!

Also in this release, Cominvent have contributed the following bug fixes:

  • SOLR-7735: Look for solr.xml in Zookeeper by default in SolrCloud mode
  • SOLR-7863: Lowercase the CLUSTERPROP command in ZkCLI for consistency

See CHANGES.TXT for details about all changes in this release.

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Solr 5 released

Solr/Lucene 5 is a major release with lots of features and bug fixes. It is backward compatible with Solr4.x, but if you wish to upgrade from 3.x or older, you need to first upgrade to 4.x if you want to avoid reindexing all content.

The main news for Solr in 5.x is start scripts and installer script for Linux. You can now also throttle bandwidth of index replication. 5.1 brings an API to change common solrconfig.xml parameters during runtime. There is also a new JSON API for faceting and querying. See CHANGES.TXT for details.

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Apache Solr 4.10 – last stop before 5.0

New Solr versions are released quite frequently. Since we wrote about 4.7 back in March, we got Solr 4.8 on April 28th, 4.8.1 May 20th, 4.9.0 June 25th, 4.10.0 September 3rd, 4.10.1 September 29th, and 4.10.2 on October 31st.

Here are my favorite highlights:

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Apache Solr 4.7 released

Apache Solr version 4.7 is here! Please read the release announcement at and see CHANGES.txt for all details.

Our favourite features

  • Migrate documents from one collection to another one (SOLR-5308)
  • File viewer in Admin GUI
  • Efficient deep paging using ‘cursorMark’ (SOLR-5463)
  • SSL support for SolrCloud (SOLR-3854)


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Apache Solr 4.5 released

The Apache Lucene project just released Apache Solr version 4.5. Please read the release announcement at and see CHANGES.txt for all details.

Some highlights are multi-threaded faceting (SOLR-2548), multi-threaded updates with CloudSolrServer (SOLR-4816) and more intelligent routing of documents with SolrCloud.


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