Apache Solr has become grown-up

The open source search server Solr from Apache Foundation has become a mature technology ready for prime-time.

The recent editions has added features which previously were only found in commercial offerings, such as

  • Automatic replication for large installations with distributed search
  • Java-API (SolrJ)
  • Conversion of Office-documents
  • Full faceted search
  • Advanced tokenization, highlighting and stemming

Apache Solr is being adopted more widely, and some companies even start replacing their expensive commercial engine with Solr with good results. In that way they can spend less on licenses and more on content quality and tuning.

Feeling ready to try Solr? Contact us for a talk, or download it yourself and try the tutorial. Here’s a short video introducing you to the basics:

I will soon write about how to obtain professional support for Apache Solr.

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