Cominvent AS provides professional support for Lucene/Solr

So you are thinking of adopting open source search Solr or Lucene, but are reluctant because of the lack of support fom the open source world?

Or perhaps you are already using Apache Solr or Lucene in your organization, and would like to have an expert partner to support you with your current solution and to help you refine your search solution to better fit your needs and to give better results and performance.

We at Cominvent AS are experts in search and experts in Apache Solr and Lucene. But being a small organization we have not offered support contracts until now. We are now pleased to announce that Cominvent AS, through our partnership with Lucid Imagination, can offer you commercial support, consulting and training. Lucid Imagination was the first commercial entity to offer professional paid support for the Apache Lucene and Solr products, and some of the most skilled coders and engineers are associated with them.

Please contact us for a talk about your needs.

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  1. Mark

    What are the pros/cons of getting this support through you vs. going to Lucid directly?

  2. Hi Mark. If you’re based in Norway there’s of course the obvious advantage of developing a face-to-face relationship, and communicate in local language. For customers based elsewhere in Europe, working in same time zone is key.

    In practice, we act as a Lucid representative, with the same offerings (although still in a ramp-up phase). You in fact sign your support contract with Lucid, and receive support either from Cominvent or whichever party has the best availability/competency for your needs.


  3. Mark

    Thank you, Jan. So you simply act as a back-fill for Lucid? So Lucid simply shares the income from my business with you and for me, the potential customer, the price is the same whether I go with Lucid or you?

  4. Part of Lucid’s strategy is working with partners, which I believe is a good way to expand. Therefore you typically do business directly with Cominvent, but if you’re looking for the SLA-based support contracts, you sign up directly with Lucid on their terms, even if I might be the one providing part of that support for you. You’re welcome to contact us by email or phone to discuss further business opportunities.

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