Cominvent starts as Norwegian OpenID provider

OpenID logoCominvent this week announced that we have started a new OpenID provider service for Norwegian users who want a Norwegian, short, easy to remember, life-long OpenID ID. Namely

The site offers to register an id under one of the two domains or, for free. also aims to be a place for general information about OpenID, such as useful articles, HOWTOs and news.

As a backend provider we have chosen JanRain, the people behind the worlds most popular OpenID provider, We’re a co-branded affiliate. This means that the feature set and security is state-of-the-art.

We intend to give full freedom to our users. We will write articles about how to setup delegation for their own domain, and although we do not provide delegation of the ID to another provider ( does not allow), we might setup that as well one day.

Visit the site and see for yourself. We’re open for feedback.

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