iPhone 3G as expected

iPhone 3G

Yesterday Apple announced the new iPhone 3G during Steve Jobs’ keynote speech on the first day of Apple World Wide Developers Conference WWDC. Rumors had been flourishing and most of them were true:

  • 3G
  • GPS
  • Black or white back
  • Push email, calendar, contacts
  • New improved software + SDK
  • Exchange sync
  • Enterprise support
  • MobileMe replaces .Mac for web-based access to your data and files. Also for PC
  • AppStore for one unified application distribution channel (Apple gets 30% cut)
  • Lots of new applications
  • Searchable address book
  • Available in Norway and a bunch of other countries
  • +++

And perhaps the most important – it now starts at $199 for the 8Gb model. We had perhaps expected a 32GB model but it was not announced. Guess mr. Jobs wants some news up the sleeve for the autumn conferences as well.

One really neat feature for developers, besides the new SDK and visual GUI builder, is that Apple hosts a push server that anyone can use. That means that if you want your application to support various alerts or notifications, your mobile app does not need to be resident polling the network, consuming valuable CPU cycles. Instead you program towards apples push-server, which takes care of delivering the alert OTA to your device when you are within reach of one of the networks. Smart!

Please head over to www.apple.com for more details.

You’re getting one too?

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