Apache Solr 4.4 released

A new, excellent release of Apache Solr is out, version 4.4. Please read the release announcement at http://lucene.apache.org/solr/solrnews.html#23-july-2013-apache-solr-44-available

I’ll highlight some of my own contributions:

LUCENE-5013: Added ScandinavianFoldingFilterFactory and ScandinavianNormalizationFilterFactory (Karl Wettin via janhoy)

SOLR-4565: Extend NorwegianLightStemFilter and NorwegianMinimalStemFilter to handle “nynorsk” (Erlend Garåsen, janhoy via Robert Muir)

SOLR-4785: New MaxScoreQParserPlugin returning max() instead of sum() of terms (janhoy)

SOLR-4452: Hunspell stemmer should not merge duplicate dictionary entries (janhoy)

SOLR-4412: New parameter langid.lcmap to map detected language code to be placed in “language” field (janhoy)


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