Live Solr chat support?

Ever needed an urgent answer to some Solr/Lucene question? Haven’t got a support contract and someone to call yet?

I assume you’re already on the mailing lists and know about that channel. But wiat many people do not know is that the Solr/Lucene community also hosts a live chat where you can get help real quickly, as professionals from around the globe participate. The magic is made possible by an old technology¬†called IRC (but IRC was not dead), and the server is and channels are #solr and #lucene.

There are multiple IRC clients available, which is probably the best option if you’re going to be very active. But to get started here and now, Cominvent as set up a web-based IRC chat page which opens the channels #solr and #lucene for you automatically:

Go directly to the Solr Chat by clicking the link or the thumbnail.