Google competes with iTunes

Picture 2Google has just integrated music search, called “Google Discover Music“, into its search results – in US only so far. Partnering up with imeem, lala, myspace (iLike), Pandora, Rhapsody as well as the major music record labels, Google is striving to help users find and listen to music in just a few clicks. As much as 2 out of the top-10 searches are music related, which really suggests that many people are looking for music at Google.

So why leave Apple’s iTunes out in the cold? This is of course part of a battle of online digital music. Although some were guessing that Google were planning its own music service, partnering up with and helping the most innovative services out there may be a just as efficient move, if they manage to get people used to search for music in Google instead of through iTunes. Yes, some of these services let you purchase music as well as listen online.

I could not find any info on when this service is expected to Norway, if ever. I guess that would be with other partners since Rhapsody for one is U.S. only 🙁 But we surely welcome all competition in this space, as the industry gets used to better models and cheaper music for us consumers.

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