iPhone 3G S


Yesterday the new iPhone 3G S was presented by Apple. Neither Telenor nor NetCom reveals on their home pages when it will be available in Norway, but Apple’s pages say it is already available.

We already knew that these software improvements would come in iPhone OS 3.0

  • Cut & Paste
  • MMS
  • Wireless communication with other iPhones
  • Spotlight search throughout the phone
  • Payment API within apps
  • Built-in MS Exchange server support
  • ++

All of this is available both for old iPhone 3G’s and also for the new 3G s. Here are the hardware improvements:

  • 3Mp camera with auto focus
  • Video recording with direct post to YouTube
  • Built-in compass (makes car navigation more reliable)
  • Voice commands both for calling, changing playlists and more
  • 32Gb model
  • Improved battry life
  • Super 3G with up to 7mbps
  • +many minor improvements

So let’s line up for this goodie – this time also available from Telenor in Norway…

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