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Cominvent starts as Norwegian OpenID provider

Cominvent this week announced that we have started a new OpenID provider service for Norwegian users who want a Norwegian, short, easy to remember, life-long OpenID ID. Namely The site offers to register an id under one of the … Continue reading

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Today is document freedom day (DFD)

Today, March 26th is Document Freedom Day (DFD). The whole computer industry (perhaps except from Microsoft and friends) focus on interoperability and open document formats this day. This of course links nicely into the debate about whether ISO should adopt … Continue reading

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The state of open source search

Open Source Software (OSS) and free software has been an alternative to commercial, licensed software for decades. Most known and successful are perhaps projects like GNU/Linux (licensed under the GNU General Public License, GPL),, Apache web server and MySQL. … Continue reading

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