Apache Solr 3.1 Product Sheet

The brand new version 3.1 of Apache Solr was released yesterday.

We have created a 2-page Apache Solr product sheet, which very briefly (and beautifully) describes the high-level features of the popular search engine, including links for downloading and getting started.

Use it to explain to business persons and decision makers what open source search can do. This is the missing “glossy” merchandise piece of the puzzle if you like.

You are free to re-use the product sheet in your commercial business, as it is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA, meaning you can even change it as long as you leave the credit and link to Cominvent in place and also share your changes under the same license in the ODF source form.

Download the Solr 3.1 product sheet (PDF).

And here is the Solr 3.1 product sheet master (ODT).

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