FAST ESP support ends this summer

FAST ESP logoFAST’s good old enterprise search platform, ESP™ has not been upgraded or improved since Microsoft took over the business in 2008. And this summer it is the end of support and hotfixes too.

Most ESP users have already taken action and completed or at least started a migration project. Those who want to stay within the Microsoft world, must move to Sharepoint. For others that is an awkward solution, and for several of these, we have facilitated migrations to Open Source solutions such as Apache Solr™ or ElasticSearch™.

Still not decided what to do? Call us for a chat. We know ESP inside/out and also Lucene based solutions and may guide you through a successful migration whether you like to do 10% or 90% of it yourself. See our migration page for more.

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Solr 4.2.1 released

Today we released version 4.2.1 of Apache Solr and Lucene. See for the release announcement.

This is mostly a bugfix release over 4.2, including such things as Collections API fixes, SolrCloud replication fixes and more.

If you missed the 4.2 release, the major news was that stored fields are now compressed by default, meaning you could get a significantly smaller index footprint if you store a lot of fields.

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Apache Solr™ 4.1 released

Yesterday we released version 4.1 of Apache Solr and Lucene. See for the release announcement. This is mostly a bugfix release, including such things as SolrCloud stability fixes, Admin GUI works with Internet Explorer 9 etc. Hereby recommended.

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Apache Solr™ 4.0 released

On October 12th we finally released version 4.0 of Apache Solr. See for the release announcement. So if you have been reluctant to start using 4.0 beta, now is the time to upgrade. You will enjoy instant improvements in performance and disk/memory footprint just by upgrading, not to mention all the cool new features such as SolrCloud and more. Enjoy!

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Scaling search with SolrCloud

Jan had a talk at JavaZone in Oslo this september, about scaling search with the new Solr 4.0 with SolrCloud. Here are the slides and the video recording:

Scaling search with Apache Solr 4.0 and SolrCloud from JavaZone on Vimeo.

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