What happens to FAST ESP?

After the Microsoft takeover of FAST almost three years ago, it’s been silent and no new updates of ESP. We all know that MS discontinued Linux support, and that the major focus with the FAST technology has been to power the high-end search for Sharepoint 2010. ESP was forked and heavily modified to integrate smoothly with Windows, SQL server, AD, PowerShell and more, and it made the leap to 64 bit – finally!

But what about non Sharepoint users? MS has an offering to them as well, called FAST Search for Internet Sites. Read Comperio’s excellent blog article about it. A bit disappointing that the core is still the more than three year old ESP5.3 wrapped in new MS APIs, but cool that you can still hack the ESP internals.. Continue reading

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Continued focus on FAST->Solr migrations

A considerable part of Cominvent’s projects the last years have been migrations from FAST ESP to Solr. Some customers have a cost saving focus while others need a search engine on Linux. Anyhow, with more than 10 years of FAST experience, Cominvent is an authority in this field, securing a smooth transition.

As an example, we recently migrated the Norwegian financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv and several other online newspapers from FAST to Solr, including Norwegian linguistics and Escenic integration.

Our friends in Lucid Imagination will host a free webinar on this topic on November 18th, don’t miss it if you want to hear more success stories.

Also see our migration slides.

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Can Oracle stop Java from opening up?

There is an exciting war going on about the future openness of the Java platform. Oracle is trying to capitalize on its ownership/stewardship of Java, by starting to charge for their enterprise version of the JVM, as well as stopping its competitors like Google to succeed with Java. Oracle wants to make Java more closed for their own economical benefit – an act which just hurts the community, users, developers and Oracle’s own customers.

The latest move is by the Apache Software Foundation, whose Apache licensed “Harmony” implementation of the JVM is being banned by Oracle because they want OpenJDK to be the only open implementation of Java (obviously to make sure there is a reason to purchase JRockit from Oracle and to keep control). Apache this week threatens to leave the JCP (Java Community Process) if Oracle does not grant the Harmony project it’s legal right to the TCK.

Personally I cheer for Apache and hope the other JCP members will back the claim, and with the help of Google (and hopefully IBM) eventually see a true open model for the stewardship of Java, including an Apache licensed JVM for anyone to use freely. At the end of the day that will give Java a huge boost and attract more developers.

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Slides from Lucene EuroCon

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Speaking at Lucene EuroCon

Jan Høydahl will be speaking at Lucene EuroCon in Prague May 20-21st 2010. EuroCon is a new annual conference hosted by Lucid Imagination. In this event the majority of the Lucene/Solr community will come together discussing how search can improve findability & revenue for various types of businesses.

Jan will be speaking about “Key topics when migrating from FAST to Solr”, pitched towards a Solr audience. There will be a short overview of FAST ESP, and a walkthrough of the migration process including what pain-points you could expect and how to handle them.

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