Solr architecture diagram

We at Cominvent have often had the need to visualize the internal architecture of Apache Solr in order to explain both the relationships of the components as well as the flow of data and queries. The result is this conceptual architecture diagram, clearly showing how Solr relates to the app-server, how cores relate to a Solr instance, how documents enter through an UpdateRequestHandler, through an UpdateChain and Analysis and into the Lucene index etc.

The drawing is created using Google draw, and the original is shared on Google Docs. We have licensed the diagram under the very permissive CC-by license which lets you use, modify and re-distribute the diagram, even commercially, as long as you give attribution with link to Cominvent. To get started, simply:

  1. Click the thumbnail (link) which will open Google Docs (log in to your Google Account)
  2. To make your own copy, select “Make a copy…” in the File menu
  3. Make sure to keep the CC license logo and a link to
  4. Please share your edits with the community if you think it is useful to others

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Apache Solr 3.1 released

It’s been a long wait, and now it’s here – the release of Solr version 3.1. The 1.4.1 release was in June 2010, and for various reasons there was never a 1.4.2 nor a 1.5 release. Part of the reason is the merge of Lucene and Solr codebase which is also why the version number is 3.1 instead of 1.5.

So what’s new? For me, the single most important features are the Extended Dismax parser (SOLR-1553) and Geospatial search. The full list of improvements is found in CHANGES.TXT, but here are my favorites:

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Apache Solr 3.1 Product Sheet

The brand new version 3.1 of Apache Solr was released yesterday.

We have created a 2-page Apache Solr product sheet, which very briefly (and beautifully) describes the high-level features of the popular search engine, including links for downloading and getting started.

Use it to explain to business persons and decision makers what open source search can do. This is the missing “glossy” merchandise piece of the puzzle if you like.

You are free to re-use the product sheet in your commercial business, as it is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA, meaning you can even change it as long as you leave the credit and link to Cominvent in place and also share your changes under the same license in the ODF source form.

Download the Solr 3.1 product sheet (PDF).

And here is the Solr 3.1 product sheet master (ODT).

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Our GoOpen talk about migrating to Solr

We held a talk at the Open Source Conference GoOpen 2011 in Oslo today, together with our customer NHST, represented by Hans Jørgen Hoel. The talk was about the process of migrating from FAST ESP to Apache Solr for all of NHST’s news publications and other data sources.

The presentation is in Norwegian.

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Cominvent expands Solr Training

Cominvent has been delivering professional training within enterprise search for more than 7 years. First on the FAST platform, and then on Solr/Lucene. We were the first to introduce Solr training in Europe.

We have now expanded our comprehensive training offering, as shown in the training modules illustration, covering the whole range from short half-day introduction for anyone to full certification track for developers.

Go visit our training site and sign up for the training which fits you best.

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